After a few fish trolling trips, you may want to take a break from catching Rainbow Trout and try something different. After all, diversity is essential in life.

If you’re interested in a bigger challenge, go for the Browns.

While not an exceedingly hard to catch fish, it will be tougher than catching Rainbows. Here’s the information you need to become a Brown Trout pro:

How to Recognize the Brown Trout

If you’ve been fishing for Rainbow Trout, you might have caught Browns as well. They live in the same areas and have a similar appearance as well.



The most obvious difference between them is in regard to their spots.

Rainbows have smaller spots and mostly on the top. Browns have a larger area covered in more defined spots. These spots are usually black with a red-ish tint. River Browns, however, are silvery with fewer spots.

Also, there’s a notable difference between the two species that is related to their behavior. The Brown Trout is more cautious and finicky. Finding them is similar to finding rainbow trout

Now that you know how to tell when you found one, let’s talk about trolling.

Choose the Right Line

Browns, especially the bigger ones, have some pretty sharp teeth. Because of that, you may think that a heavy fishing line or leader is the answer. That’s a rookie mistake.

Trout have good eyesight, and if you don’t get a light line, they’ll never bite.

You need light lines to have any chance of fooling them. You can’t really do anything about the possibility of the fish biting through your line. Just hope it doesn’t happen.brown-trout-1

You’ll probably have the biggest chance of catching Brown Trout by using a monofilament line. Just make sure you bring enough of it. You don’t want your fishing trip to end early because of a fish biting through the line.

Pick the Best Lures

Browns like to eat smaller fish. That includes their own young, as well as any other fish that fit that criterion.

If you don’t know much about the place you’ll be fish trolling, it’s always a safe bet to bring lures that imitate baby trout.floaters

You should do some research on the place you’re going to go trolling. You might find some more options. Who knows, maybe the Browns there have their own favorite snack.

You can also catch smaller Brown Trout with spoons or spinners. Just don’t expect to beat any record by using those lures.

Use the Right Baits

It’s a bit risky to use bait when going after Browns because of the chance they’ll cut the line. Still, it can work well if you choose the right ones.

Your best option is using insects as Browns are a popular target for fly fishing as well. They especially like ants, so try that first. Trout roe works well too. Just attach spawn sacks to your hooks and go fish trolling.

Or maybe just use plastic lures instead.

Where to Go Fish Trolling

If you’re trolling in a rapid river, look out for large rocks. Browns like to hide behind them and wait for prey to come by. If the river is calmer, they’ll just spread out and search for something to eat.

trolling can be fun

trolling can be fun

It can be a bit trickier with lakes. Look for weedbeds close to drop-offs. Browns like to look for food in such places. Ask around for the best spots for that lake. Finding them yourself could take a lot of time.

As you can see, there are lots of different setups that work well while trolling for trout. Just make sure you have spares in case something breaks.

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