thBig rainbow caught at Strawberry Reservoir

Big news of the day! A 17lb.- 6 0z. Rainbow caught at Utah’s Strawberry Reservoir. It was caught by Matthew Beckstead on a silver flatfish while trolling with a downrigger at the reservoir. It took a good 10 minutes to land the monster fish. The big rainbow was caught in the Soldier Creek area of Strawberry Reservoir. It was 29 inches long.

Sherm Holdawy caught an 18 lb., 2 oz. Rainbow through the ice in April. These are two of the largest Rainbows taken from the lake since it was emptied and restocked nearly 15 years ago. The 17 lb fish is the largest caught on an artificial lure. The other fish was caught with a frozen minnow in the same area.

Strawberry Reservoir produces a variety of game fish in addition to the Rainbow Trout, there are Cutthrout Trout, kokanee and Brookies. There are plenty of fish for all levels of fishing skills whether trolling, casting or bank fishing. There is always the possibility of catching a big fish whether Rainbow, cutthrout or kokanee.

It is a favorite lake for ice fishing also since it is frozen over 4-5 months of the year. It is a short drive from the Wasatch front which adds to its popularity.

My first experience with the Reservoir was in my early teens. Dad said we had to get up early as he wanted to try a new place to fish. I was surprised that we were not going to a new stream to fish as was our usual fare. We arrived at Strawberry Reservoir around seven in the morning after a pleasant drive through the canyon. This was in the fifties and the reservoir had not been developed much back then like it is today.

We rented a small aluminum boat with a motor and spent the next four hours trolling the various parts of the water. WE only had a few artificial lures and a simple casting p[ole and reel; not like my tackle box full of all kinds of lures today. There were few boats back then and we had the lake pretty much to ourselves. The majority of fishermen were on shore.

I wish I could tell you we caught a few monster fish, but that was not the case. We caught 3 pan sized rainbows before the wind blew us off the lake. We were not the sophisticated fishermen like today. No fish finder, downrigger or big motorboat. Just a simple spinner dragged behind the boat.

We spent the rest of the day casting from shore. I did catch a 2 lb, rainbow casting a bronze spinner from shore. Since it was caught in shallow water, it put up a real good fight which caught the attention of several anglers near me. At that time, that was a big fish. It was curious thyat several tried to replicate the catch, casting into the same location that had produced so well. Alas it was in vain. It was not part of a school of fish.fb_img_1452124015705

Today, the reservoir is surrounded by beautiful summer homes and commercial offerings. The lake is full of big boats with all the latest technology and gear. New fish have been introduced to enhance the food supply that produces the big ones like those caught this year. There is a slot limit imposed an catch and release is encouraged making it a world class fishing location

No matter what your preference, it offers a good chance of catching a prize fish and also a couple for the frying pan. Some fish have been tagged for a chance to win some valuable prizes. It is open to fishing year round also. A great place to take the family for having a great time

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